Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

Sometimes, the best solution for home boiler system is simply to keep on top of the condition, ensuring any future repair expenses don't crop up. It is also a great way to make sure your boiler is performing to the best of its ability. For your piece of mind, Kingston Gas Services can offer gas and heating services with over 37 Years of experience and with the appropriate credentials, such as being Gas Safe Registered. Our services are available throughout Kingswood, Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Market Weighton, Pocklington, Anlaby, Willerby, Hornsea and associated villages; so get in touch today, 07930 367637.

Boiler Servicing

If you're thinking why you might need boiler servicing, then the reasons and benefits are quite simple! Firstly, having your boiler serviced prevents any future expenses occurring for a repair or brand new installation. That being said, at Kingston Gas Services, we can offer boiler finance to help you pay for your brand new boiler on your terms and at the best financial options for you. In addition to this, we are Vaillant installers so rest assured that your warranty will most likely be extended, keeping your boiler running properly for years to come. 

Anyhow, having a boiler servicing can give you piece of mind that your boiler isn't on the verge of needing repair. Our Engineer will take a look at your boiler and conduct all the appropriate checks and tests to make sure it is performing to the best of its ability. Just like an MOT for your car, boiler servicing is a similar service and a legal requirement for landlords. So whether you're a homeowner wanting to keep your home running perfectly or a landlord needing the appropriate checks and tests, then get in touch today! 

All boilers should be serviced every 12 months to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty and to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently and safely. If your boiler is not serviced regularly it could be running inefficiently, costing you extra money on your gas bills. Your boiler could also become unsafe putting both your family and home at risk.

Carbon monoxide is a real danger and gas appliances can leak this toxic gas. This is one of the main checks we carry out, to ensure you have nothing dangerous in your home that could cause harm. It is imperative that gas appliances are on the right setting and burn correctly with the correct operating pressure. We also check that any ventilation routes are clear and working properly, therefore ensuring that all the safety devices within your home are working correctly. We will advise you every year when your boiler is due for service, so you need never worry.


Need a Professional to Take a Look at Your Boiler

If you want piece of mind that your boiler is in great condition, lets work together and make sure your home is in the best of conditions. We are available, so get in touch with us today! You can contact us over the phone; 07930 367637, or by email; alternatively, if your gas and heating projects aren't so urgent, then leave us a message on our contact form. If you'd like to see the previous work we have done for our customers, check out our gallery page. Finally, have a read of our reviews page to see what customers have said about us.

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